Virtual Reality Arcade

Grand Forks Virtual Reality Arcade with over 300 games to pick from the only question you should be asking your self is “which one should I play first?”

Enter The VR World

Grand Forks is a new virtual reality arcade in Columbia mall. Come visit us today and enter the virtual world.

Who Are We?

We are a small operation with 7 HTC Vive Pro 2.0 setups and two Oculus Quests(available upon request). We always have at least two Vives set up for room-scale(10ft by 10ft) and are able to adjust other stations to room-scale as well. We are located in Columbia Mall next to GNC, once you see all the colored lights you have found us!

Parties / Events

Yes, we do parties and events, kid’s birthday parties, tournaments, frat and sorority events, corporate events, movie viewings, church groups, lock-ins, and more.

Educational VR

Educational rates are available at $20/hr, the intended use for this is by schools and homeschoolers, the selection of games for this rate is limited to educational games only. See a list of all the games available below along with a short trailer.


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