Parties / Events

Yes, we do parties and events, kid’s birthday parties, tournaments, frat and sorority events, corporate events, movie viewings, church groups, lock-ins, and more.

What Options Is There?

Doing a party or event with us you get to choose the game loadout from our wide selection of 300+ titles. 

You will also have the option to customize all of our lightings from the lights on the ceiling to the RGB lit computer cases.  

Don’t want to customize any of the lights or the game load-outs? No problem we can take care of that for you at no additional cost!

How Can I Book An Event?

Parties and events can be scheduled outside of normal operating hours(including Columbia Malls operating hours) with at least 2 weeks of advanced notice. 

For scheduling and more information please email us at or call at 701-757-0865.


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